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Unleash the power of microorganisms


MilliDrop shortens the time required for bacteria to reach the mandatory numbers to study their phenotypes. MilliDrop is revolutionizing microbiology. The days of Petri dishes and flasks are over! This disruptive technology multiplies the possibilities infinitely. With the MilliDrop Analyzer, the same growth performances of microorganisms can be achieved in a single droplet.

“At MilliDrop, we explore the miniature world of droplets.”

Laurent Boitard, Co-founder

Our Solution

MilliDrop meets a growing need for high-throughput, cost-efficient microorganism culture and analysis with instruments that are dedicated, compact and easy to use. MilliDrop’s breakthrough technology provides public- and private-sector research laboratories with reliable, high-throughput tools to analyze microorganisms..


The MilliDrop Analyzer has potential in many fields requiring microbiological analysis: healthcare, agriculture, energy, environment and biotechnology. It allows industrial sites to meet their objectives in terms of performance, productivity and scale economy.


“Max Planck Institute has been using a MilliDrop Analyzer since 2016. Thanks to the unique, high-throughput screening opportunities of the MilliDrop Analyzer, we are able to study various aspects of microbial community assembly and structure. Our preliminary data generated with the device have given very promising first insights and demonstrate its enormous potential.” 

 Pr. Paul Schulze-Lefert, Director of the department of Plant Microbe Interactions, Max Planck Institute, Germany

“For comparative microbiological growth studies, a large number of glass vessels and culture media have traditionally been used. What’s more, this type of experiment requires a very large number of pipetting operations by a careful technician. Thanks to the MilliDrop Analyzer, I can produce a thousand incubated microcosms in parallel with a single multi-well plate and only 20ml of culture medium, and all in a few clicks!”
Dr. Maxime Ardré, researcher at LGE laboratory, directed by Paul Rainey at ESPCI

“The MilliDrop Analyzer has the ability to observe the growth of populations of bacteria and replicate these populations a thousand times. Something quite unique. Not a lot of machine really has the capability to look at the growth of population with such application.”
Dr Andrew Farr, researcher in the gentics lab of Pr. Aarjan de Visser, Wagenigen university, The Netherlands.